Andy Boston provides energy consulting services through Red Vector Ltd. Andy has more than 30 years experience in the energy industry starting with the nationalised CEGB, through privatisation firstly with PowerGen and thence E.ON, and finally with the Energy Research Partnership.

His skills include organising business games, modelling energy markets, developing decarbonisation scenarios and understanding issues around the integration of renewables on to the grid.




CAG Consultants

CAG Consultants 2016-2017

Peer review of assessment of UK’s Capacity Market Transitional Arrangements.

BEIS (formally DECC)

BEIS (formally DECC) 2015

Worked with E.ON UK to deliver business game simulating capacity market.


ANLEC R&D 2017

Modelled the decarbonisation of the Australian National Electricity Market working with Gamma Energy Technologies.

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University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham 2013-2018

Power Trader – Business game delivered to Industrial Case Studies module held jointly with Loughborough University

Lecturing on the energy system – For MSc students at School of Mathematical Sciences and to the Centre for Doctoral Training in CCS and Cleaner Fossil Energy

Loughborough University

Loughborough University 2017-2018

Power Trader – Business game delivered to Industrial Case Studies module

Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry 2017

Contributed to landmark paper (coming soon) on Carbon capture and storage (CCS): The way forward

Energy Research Accelerator

Energy Research Accelerator 2018

Power Trader and Impact! Games

Coal Innovation - NSW

Coal Innovation - New South Wales 2018

Modelling Decarbonisation of NSW Electricity alongside Gamma Energy

Download: RET & the NEM
Download: Going to Zero

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham 2019

Power Trader – Business Game for Global Energy Technologies & Systems MSc Course

Banks Renewables

Banks Renewables 2018-19

Analysis and economic modelling of grid services

Energy Systems Catapult

Energy Systems Catapult 2019

Support for Stakeholder Management in conjunction with Cultivate Innovation Ltd.

Career History

Career History.

CEGB (1985-1989).

CEGB (1985-1989): Central Electricity Research Laboratories, Leatherhead.

Work areas: thermodynamics, steam turbine efficiency, computational fluid dynamics.

PowerGen (1989-2002): Technology Centre.

PowerGen (1989-2002): Technology Centre, Ratcliffe. Including secondments to Market Strategy in HQ and the Efficiency Department at Ratcliffe Power Station.

Work Areas: Wind power development, reliability modelling, scheduling and optimisation, UK market modelling (GB Pool, Loss Of Load Probability, New Electricity Trading Arrangements, Gas, Oil) international power markets (US, Asia, EU), business games.

Team Leader – Mathematical Modelling (1998-2003).

E.ON (2002-2013) Technology Centre.

Work areas: Techno-economics (wind, tidal, storage, district heating, CHP, CCS), market modelling, (British Electricity Trading Transmission Arrangement, Emissions Trading Scheme, Renewable Obligation Certificates, Energy Service Companies COmpanies ), whole systems (MARKAL, ESME models) Trading games (strategic, tactical, & training of markets and auctions – electronic & paper for up to 150 people”) .

Team Leader – Business Modelling (2002-2010), Technical Head – Modelling (2010-2013)

Energy Research Partnership (2013-2017): Imperial College.

Work areas: co-ordinating projects for members, special interest in Electricity system flexibility and international engagement.

Head of Analysis Team, reporting to Chief Scientific Advisor of BEIS/DECC. Responsible for day to day operation of ERP and maintaining contact with senior representatives from its 30 membership organisations.




Sharing Electricity Industry Experience
Sharing Electricity Industry Experience
International Market Modelling
International Market Modelling
Where Engineering Meets Economics
Where Engineering Meets Economics
Technology Assessment
Technology Assessment
Whole Systems
Whole Systems
Business Games
Business Games



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